Constant Maintenance

Regular monitoring of your equipment informs about minor failures while preventing from major breakdowns this sums up into improved productivity as well as in increased efficiency.

Service Scheduling

Set up automatic scheduled service according to mileage, engine working hours assists in maintaining service check at proper intervals. Furthermore, according to the data of the real-life vehicle conditions eliminates unnecessary servicing.

Parts Management

Historical data of vehicle parts (warranty, alerts) informs about what parts you need before their failure happens, reduces downtime, improves precision of future orders.

Software Capabilities

Software receives data about health of a vehicle. Moreover, it records, analyzes collected data, send notifications and suggestions according to the situation. These capabilities allow user to reduce costs of maintenance, repair and increase efficiency of the fleets.

Usage Reports

In-depth information about how vehicle is being operated allows to make quick decisions which will enhance longevity of vehicle, and will maximize usage of resources.

Diagnostic Alerts

System determines vehicle‘s health and alerts user in need. Notifications helps to identify issues while you can proactively route the vehicle into service location of your choice. Variety of error codes shortens time for solving issues, allows to schedule repairmen in advance.